magBOO Universal Mounts


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This slim unobtrusive magBOO Universal Mount turns almost any surface into a strong magnetic mounting point for your iBooBox equipped iPhone. Hidden inside of this tiny piece of bamboo is a super strong magnet with over 10lbs. of pull force. This magnet along with the magnet hidden in the iBooBox case creates a place to quickly and securely keep your phone in view while your hands are busy elsewhere. Use in the car, next to the sink, on a mirror, or create a bed side charging station. Also doubles as a cable tidy. The possibilities are endless.

Mounts to any clean fairly flat surface using 3M mounting tape. Also holds lightning cable end magnetically for clutter free organization. Comes standard with black rubber o-ring to keep iPhone from rotating, glow in the dark o-ring also available. Larger version of this mount coming soon for iBooBox for iPad and iPad mini.

magBOO mounting accessories allow users to mount their iDevice just about anywhere one can imagine. They provide a strong sturdy mounting point, yet have a simple and unobtrusive clutter free design.

Magnets integrated into the bamboo allow the iDevice to magnetically adhere to things like refrigerators, cars, or any ferrous metal items. Compatible magBOO mounts designed by PEACHii will be available to provide a number of mounting solutions like a desktop stand for the iPad or a car dash mount for clutter free navigation with the iPhone. Currently available a Tripod Mount for the iPhone that doubles as a kickstand and a Universal Mount to create a mounting point for your phone on any flat clean surface.

More mounts will be made available soon.

Image of magBOO Universal Mounts Image of magBOO Universal Mounts