iBooBox - for iPad Pro

$79.00 Coming Soon

Image of iBooBox - for iPad Pro

Coming 2018!

Each Case is Handmade to Order.

Available for iPad Pro

Available with or without Apple Smart Cover compatibility.

All sensors, controls, and connectors are accessible, some even enhanced!

What Makes iBooBox Different:

inDestructiBoo - Integrated BCFB Monocell Potective Crash Boxes

iBooKam - Camera Lens Mounting Threads

magBOO - Magnetic Quick Mounting System

tunedBOO - Passive Sound Amplification & Redirection

To get more details About iBooBox for iPhone and iPod click here.

Unique, Eco-friendly, and Biodegradable

Made from rapidly renewable FSC certified bamboo.

Made by a Machine in a Sweaty Shop.

Finished by Hand on a Florida Beach.

International Shipping Available