Camera Lenses & Accessories


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Camera Lenses & Accessories

Here you can find all the lenses and accessories that are recommended by PEACHii for use with our cases for iPhone and iPad.

Standard 37mm lenses do not include an adapter ring. Be sure to order the 21mm x 37mm adapter ring if you plan to use a lens with your PEACHii case. All items are sold seperately to allow better customization of your order.

Wide-Angle/Macro - 37mm - This lens allows more of the scene to be included in the photograph, which is useful in architectural, interior and landscape photography where the photographer may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it.

Telephoto - 37mm - This lens allows for a slightly zoomed in view, without the distortion caused by digital zooming. It can be useful in photography where the photographer may not be able to get close enough to the subject to photograph it.

Fish Eye/Macro - 37mm - This lens produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Popular among photographers with more of an artsy taste.

XL Fish Eye/Macro - 46mm - Same as Fisheye lens above only bigger. Since iBooBox has a common threaded attachment point this lens and many others will work with iBooBox. This lens includes adapter rings for common DSLR sizes.